On-site service for PC and internet troubles [to English speakers]


I'm Hirayama, the shop manager.
I understand English a little, but I can't speak fluently with native speakers,sorry.

What our shop can serve for English users

  • I will go to your home and office,to solve the computer or internet troubles.
  • Only at Sendai city and part of Miyagi prefecture.
  • Most serve without talking. [To prevent infection with CO-VID19]
  • We'll use smartphone translation app,or writing easy words on paper.

We are not very good at English, but we can say to you in trouble, "It was very very seriously PC trouble,but fear not. I am here." Please feel easy to email us.

Please note

  • Misunderstandings may occur due to language differences.
  • In any case, there is a minimum on-site diagnostic fee.
  • By requesting a reservation, you agree to all the terms and conditions of our shop.
  • I don't meet people who don't prevent infection with COVID-19. Please put on a mask.

Reservations and inquiries

  • Please request a reservation for email to my adress.
  • Please write the 5 items in the body of the email
1Your Name
2Your Adress
3Your Phone number
4Your Plobrems
5Your Choice of payment
  • It takes time to reply and visit. Please wait for a few days.
  • If you tell me to come now, I can't go right away, I'm sorry.

Please select a payment

By Cash

  • Yen only

By Credit

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Discover


  • iD
  • QUIC pay

Service price

Total from A to D

  • [A] Visit fee 4,400 yen~ ,Please check on the map.[PDF]
  • [B] Technical fee 4,400 yen~,Depends on types of trouble.
  • [C ]Expenses [parts of pc, parking, highways, etc]
  • [D] Consumption tax [10% of the total]

We would like to welcome a lot of people.